Aug 24, 2018

Delivering negative feedback to staff


The Telegraph have published an article on how to give negative feedback to staff. You can read the article here. What are your thoughts on this? What hints and tips can you share?

New Posts
  • An interesting perspective:  should employee well-being be on your risk register and championed by Finance Directors? An article landed in my inbox today. You can read it here .
  • The DfE have released a Workload Reduction Toolkit. What do you think of it? How have you used it? Has it helped? If you are not working in the education sector, can you share what are you doing to help reduce staff workload? Thank you.
  • This forum is intended to help people who are seeking ideas to improve staff engagement or implement staff surveys. It is also a forum for sharing your own success in this area. All are welcome to post although I do ask that all posts are respectful. I reserve the right to remove posts that I feel may cause offence. Other consultants are welcome to post - but not simply for direct marketing purposes. Such posts will be taken down if I feel that they put off other forum users.

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