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If you wish you can experience my unique staff survey and also undertake my free diagnostic review.  Both are accessible on line and, if you leave me your details, I can send you a report on your self assessment free of charge (I offer one free report per school).   


My aim is to provide affordable, value for money services.  If you want to explore this further please contact me and I will gladly arrange to speak or meet up  to explore how I can help you - with no obligation on your behalf.    


I look forward to working with you.

Your staff are your greatest asset.   Are you making the best use of their ideas and talents?


A staff survey helps you to gather their ideas and perceptions   It is the first, easy step in harnessing their talents, multiplying the value you get from your investment in their time.


Click here to complete a test survey or visit my Staff Survey page for more information.

Informing your improvement plan

The staff survey can be run alone or can be combined with our management review, on-site meetings and focus groups to provide an in-depth ExcellenceBenchmark assessment of the maturity of your organisation. 


We will analyse the findings to provide a comprehensive report with a summary of your school's strengths and opportunities across all aspects of your operations to inform your school improvement plan. 


The process can be tailored to your specific needs and budget.    Please contact me to discuss your school's needs.

Whilst our staff survey allows staff to assess the effectiveness of your school from their personal perspective, the management review allows senior leaders to assess its effectiveness  from  a strategic viewpoint.   It provides a self-assessed benchmark of organisational maturity.


Click here to complete a free self-assessment for your school.  Contact me to explore how we can involve your wider management team.

Parental Engagement
Tapping into their skills 

Parents are often an untapped resource.  

Beyond the unseemly scramble to complete Parent View when Ofsted come aknocking, how can you make best use of your parents' perceptions, skills and knowledge?


How can you turn your parents into passionate fans that volunteer their time, tap into their networks, help to raise funds and enthuse local parents who will put you as their first choice on those all important application forms?


Whether it is a parent survey, focus group or Think Tank, I can help you to take your next steps towards greater parental involvement.


Please contact me to discuss the opportunities.

In The News
Delivering negative feedback to staff

The Telegraph have some useful hints and tips on how to deliver negative feedback to staff.

Although it is in their SME section it is relevant regardless of the sector you work in.


You can read the article here. 


What hints and tips do you have about managing staff?  Please do share your thoughts through our forum.

Measuring performance

The Guardian states that Ofsted are now suggesting that schools should not solely be judged by exam results.


From next year 'exam factory' schools that 'teach to the test' may be marked down.   Read the full article here.   What do you think?  


Regardless of sector - how does your organisation measure performance?  Do you have the right range of measures?


Share your thoughts on this topic though our forum.


 " ....... has enhanced our professional development programme to enable us to continue to deliver at an 'outstanding' leadership level."

   Patrice, Headteacher

"A fantastic opportunity to review the organisation; take pleasure in what is working well and also enjoy the challenge of working with teams to look at solutions where improvements are needed."

Chris, CEO

 "...........   supported my management philosophy and enhanced the strength of my team. It has made me confident that I can introduce different ways of working that are achievable."

GH, Head of Education 

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